Thursday, May 6, 2010

Back again

For some reason I have not put the amount of interest in this blog that I should have. My intention is to change that. It won't have the frequency of change as the quotes. They are easier to find and pass on. As I've always been especially keen on people, I've also been very impressed when people make clever and witty remarks. Therefore the sense of the other blog.

But now I am going to put more effort into my Experience. I've been doing tile work for almost 40 years and I still enjoy doing it. The intent of this blog is not to teach anyone how to do the work, but to educate the consumer regarding the important aspects about tile and related products. Things that I often point out when I am bidding projects.

Of course, these are all MY opinions. But typically opinions formed by EXPERIENCE. Not pablum fed but things I have come to know over time. I hope you will find them useful!

Also previously I had discouraged comments because I felt I hadn't the time to comment on the comments. But if you have a constructive opinion to what I had offered, be free to add your opinions. The intent of the blog is to educate the consumer. My opinions are only that, I may be off-base at times.

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