Thursday, May 6, 2010

Cleaning grout

One tip I frequently offer to people regards the cleaning of grout. It's a "Dear Heloise" kind of thing. The best implement I have ever found to clean the grout that darkens after time is a 'Scotch Brite' pad and soapy water. The fuzzy on one side and sponge on the other.

Just a gentle rubbing over the grout joint with the fuzzy side and followed by the sponge side works much better than toothbrushes that housewives tend to immediately try at first. And the whole job needn't be done at one time. Occasional bits now and again will improve the small areas that frequently darken in the main walk areas until the whole is restored.

And probably the worse culprit for darkening grout is walking about in bare feet and the oils from the skin; coupled by cleaning with dirty water. Rather than changing the water, continuing with darkened water is probably moving the dirt rather than removing the dirt and oils.

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