Thursday, May 6, 2010


Over the years I have felt the biggest contribution that Designers perform is introducing new products to their clients. Products that the clients would be unaware of otherwise. It's also been my view that many designers like to impose THEIR taste on clients as they seemingly feel they 'know' better than their clients what is currently in vogue.

Recently I have become impressed by a Designer who LISTENS to her clients. Aside from her knowledge of materials, especially floor coverings, Margaret Ohannesian impressed me by saying how she puts her clients' desires and interests first and then tries to convey those desires into an attractive environment. It always seemed to me that if a person is spending money on their home to enrich their own enjoyment in it, it should be decorated with that purpose primarily. If it's for sale ability there ought to be a compromise at best.

I felt I owed her a plug by passing on her number: 480-948-5940.

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