Thursday, May 6, 2010

Ceramic Tile - Price

I often tell my customers that in ceramic tile, inexpensive doesn't have to mean CHEAP! Many times the cost of tile can be inexpensive because of a number of reasons: Warehouses are trying to move it; a product is purchased in such a fantastic quantity as to produce a much lower cost for the supplier; the country where it is made can produce it cheaper; a color or style may not be popular overall but just right for YOU; a product is being discontinued; or just that the mark-up is significant enough to be able to sell it at a significant discount and still do okay. Especially if it causes the consumer to view other products.

The point is that factors that are important about buying tiles ought to be the color, size, finish, edging, shape and PRICE! Don't let an inexpensive price discourage you - unless the product is SECONDS. (Which typically are their rejects.) As long as it is first grade tile, the inexpensive tile ought to last just as long as the expensive tile.

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